Facility Rental Application

Currently the Theater is Only Available to Performing Artists, Educational and Civic Groups.

Performing Artists May Contact Raine Howe with any questions:   Raine@PollyKlaas.org or 707-769-1334 x 104



  • Facility Application & Use Policies (completed, initialed & signed)
  • Deposit Paid
  • Fees Paid (if less than 30 days from event date)
  • Insurance
  • Security Agreement
  • ABC Permit (if selling alcohol)
  • Alcohol Policy (signed- if applicable)
  • Private Security Policy (signed- if applicable)



    • Complete Facility Application on this page
    • Initial and Sign Facility Use Policies
    • Sign Alcohol Policy (if serving alcohol)
    • Sign Private Security Policy (if applicable)
    • Pay Facility Deposit (if required) and/or rental Fees in Full


    • Pay rental Fees in Full
    • Turn in Insurance Certificate
    • Turn in copy of Security Contract (if applicable)
    • Turn in ABC Permit (if applicable)

Rental Application

Please complete Step #1 below, we will get back to you within 1-2 business days with a confirmation of your dates, at which time you can return to complete Step #2.

Step #1: Submit a Request For Availability of Your Event Date(s)

Customer Information

5 day max
(Please take into account time to arrive early to set up as well as clean up time after the event).
Step #2: Complete Your Booking and Submit Your Payment (ONLY AFTER STEP #1 IS COMPLETE!!!)

Have You Completed Step #1 above, and received a confirmation from us on the availability of your event dates?

The application below should ONLY be filled out after completing Step #1, and receiving a confirmation email from PKCT.   

Customer Information

Organization/Company Information

Event Information

5 day max
The Theater has 92 seats, and 4 spaces for ADA Wheelchairs. There is a maximum of 92 General Admission seats that can be pre-sold. If you want to allow people to purchase a ticket at the door and stand in the back, you may sell up to 20 additional tickets at the door the night of the show.
Projected Attendance over 21
Projected Attendance under 21
Total projected guests

Reservation Date & Time

To avoid delays in confirming your reservation, please make sure the times selected for Arrival for set-up and Departure after clean-up, match the number of hours you are requesting to reserve the facility for. E.g. if you are arriving to set-up at 4pm and leaving the facility after clean-up at 9pm, the total rental hours should be 5.
4 hour minimum, total hours subject to availability. Please make sure your total rental time includes both pre-event set-up and post-event clean-up time for all dates. E.g. if you are renting for 3 days and plan to arrive to set up each day at 4pm and leave the facility after clean-up each day at 8pm - that would be 4 hours per day x 3 days - so 12 total hours.

Click here to read the insurance requirements.

If you don't have this at the time of booking, you can skip this field for now - you will have up until 30 days before the event to provide it.

Please read and sign off on each the following facility policies

Refundable Deposit Policy
A $500.00 deposit is required for use of any area of the facility. Fees are due at the time of booking. Deposits are processed immediately upon receipt and will be returned four to six weeks after the event date, if no damages or violations occur. Deposits will not be returned if your event results in the need for any of the following:
  • Cleaning beyond the normal, daily Center
  • Repairs or replacement due to structural or equipment
  • Fire Department response due to false alarm or exceeding room capacity per the Fire
  • Police Department response due to failure to follow all laws and ordinances, including, but not limited to, the City's sound ordinance and laws related to disturbing the peace
The deposit will be used to pay for the additional fees. If fees exceed amount of the deposit, the renter will be required to pay the additional amount. Facility inspections are conducted by Theater staff immediately following events to determine the condition of the facility (including common areas, restrooms and kitchen). Deposits will be refunded if all the clean-up criteria are met, the rental time was not exceeded, and no damage has occurred. The Polly Klaas Community Theater reserves the right to retain the entire security deposit if the applicant has knowingly made a false statement of material fact or has knowingly omitted a material fact in the rental application.

All fees are due and payable 30 days prior to scheduled use. Payments may be in the form of a check, cash, or credit card (MC, or Visa) We currently do not accept American Express. Failure to meet this deadline may result in cancellation of the permit and forfeiture of deposit and/or fees paid. Renters who arrive earlier or stay later than the reserved time will be charged for the additional time. Additional fees will be charged for any time necessary for cleanup, caterers, bands, DJ's, and permittee to depart facility. The hourly rate for any occupancy of the building past the contracted ending time will be charged to the permittee. Rental times must include your set-up and take-down/clean-up time. The room will be set up to your specifications prior to your arrival (tear-down/clean-up is defined as removing any garbage, decorating, and food remains). Fees are not  refunded for reserved time not used. The PKCT reserves the right to adjust fees at any time. Only the person(s) listed as 'responsible' on the application is authorized to submit rental changes. Changes must be made in writing and be approved by Theater staff; additional fees may apply.

  • A $50 processing fee will be charged for any cancellation, refund, and/or re-scheduling of an event
  • If the nature of the event, or the number of participants changes, the PKCT representative must be notified at least 10 days in advance, and if necessary, fees will be charged in accordance with applicable rates
  • The PKCT reserves the right to disapprove of any such changes.
  • Cancellations made less than (30) days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of 100% of all rental fees ($500}, regardless of when the event was reserved and the permit was issued, including regular renters who have ongoing events
All cancellations are required to be in writing by the person who signed the contract. In addition to the right to terminate this rental agreement upon permittee's default, the PKCT staff shall have the right to terminate part or all of this agreement at any time in the following circumstances:
  • Upon 30 days written notice
  • Immediately without notice if the facility is destroyed or damaged
  • Neither PKCT nor any of its officers, agents, or employees shall be liable to permittee for any damages that may be sustained by permittee while using the PKCT

ALCOHOL & SMOKING                                      
  • Intent to serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages must be noted on the application and must receive departmental approval and is limited to 5 hours per event
  • Alcohol must be consumed only in the room(s) rented
  • Serving alcohol to minors is strictly prohibited and it is the responsibility of the permittee to ensure that minors are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at the facility
  • Groups where majority (51%) of participants are under 21 years of age will not be permitted to serve, consume, or have alcohol
  • Permittees who charge an admission fee or accept donations and serve alcohol must obtain a temporary alcohol sales permit from the State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
  • A copy of the ABC license must be on file at the PKCT office 30 days prior to the event
  • The original ABC license must be posted on site during the entire event
  • NO GLASS bottles permitted. Beverages must be served in plastic or aluminum containers. Alcoholic drinks must be served in a different colored cup than non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Only one keg of beer per 100 adults is permitted.
  • Per City Ordinance, SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED inside or within 20 feet of the facility.
  • A $100 fine will be assessed for each infringement.

  • Based on the size and type of the event, additional staff/private security may be required. Arrangements and costs are the responsibility of permittee. Private security may be obtained from any security agency licensed and bonded by the State of California. Each guard from the security agency must have and show a copy of his/her guard card. A copy of the security contract must be provided at least 30 days prior to the event.
  • When applicable, the PKCT may require adult chaperones for youth activities. A list of chaperones
  • PKCT staff or agent shall have the absolute right to enter premises herein specified, or any portion thereof, at all

• Use of confetti, rice, glitter, candles, and fog machines are prohibited. Use of any of these items will result in a forfeiture of the deposit and may result in additional fees. • Permittee is responsible for leaving the rented facility in clean condition, as it was found, in accordance with this policy.  
  • In addition to those listed in this section ("CLEAN-UP/DECORATING RESPONSIBILITIES). If additional cleaning of the facility is warranted via PKF staff or Agent, or contracted janitorial services, the permittee will be responsible for additional charges and/or forfeiture of deposit.
  • All items brought into the building by permittee must be removed upon departure
  • Dispose of all loose trash (cans, paper products, decorations) in receptacles
  • All cardboard is to be broken down and placed in the cardboard recycling container
  • Wipe off all surfaces and counter
  • Mop all liquid spills (including kitchen, stage and dressing room areas if applicable).
  • Remove all decorations, tape and equipment belonging to your
  • Return all property belonging to the PKCT to their proper This includes microphones, extension cords etc.
  • Report all damages or injuries to the PKCT staff or
  • Advise PKCT staff or Agent of final departure It is your responsibility to leave promptly at the time indicated on your agreement.
  • If you do not leave on time, you will be charged overtime at 1 times the rental
  • Do not leave the sinks If there is any stoppage, please report it to PKCT or Agent.
  • Do not dump ice or grease on landscaping or
  • Remove all food items from refrigerators and freezer. Any items remaining will be removed by PKCT staff or Agent.
*It is strongly suggested that renter also notify caterer of these kitchen-cleaning requirements.

DAMAGE OR LOSS  Any damage or loss to facility or equipment is the responsibility of the renter/User. They shall be liable for costs associated with call outs of public safety officials and restoring and/or replacing any damages or losses. The User additional liability insurance shall not be limited to the amount of the deposit. If the permittee refuses to pay, legal action may be taken. In any case, the permittee will not be allowed to use any City facilities until full payment has been made.

  • A permit may be revoked for failure to observe any rules, regulations, and ordinances of the City of Petaluma, for improper conduct.
  • If incomplete or incorrect information regarding the nature of the event or expected attendance on the application
  • Any publication of the proposed activity that occurs prior to the permit being approved shall cause the permit to be denied.
  • Not being in possession of their ABC license/permit, if applicable, will result in the immediate cancellation of the permit/and or event with no refund of fees and/or deposit.
  • Events that exceed expected attendance capacity may be immediately cancelled with no refund of fees and/or deposit.
  • Fights, vandalism, or unacceptable behavior occurring during an event shall cause immediate cancellation of the permit and no refund of fees and/or deposit.

MISCELLANEOUS In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, renters are prohibited from discriminating against individuals with disabilities in any events, programs, or activities.  PKCT prohibits discrimination in all its programs, facilities, activities, on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or a part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program. Modification of electrical systems or hook up is prohibited unless prior approved is given by PKCT or Agent. The following is strictly prohibited:
  • Open flame candles (prior approval required).
  • Pyrotechnics or fireworks
  • Blocking of exits or exit lights with curtain or booths, tables, chairs, or other objects
  • Propane or flammable gas cylinders of any type

I agree to pay the PKCT all costs it may incur as a result of any failure to fully comply with all these conditions. To the extent a release and/or waiver of any type is obtained from any participant in the event/activity, said release and or waiver shall expressly include the PKCT, its employees, agents and representatives as released parties. Said provision{s) shall confirm that the PKCT, its employees, agents and/or representatives are released from all claims or damages of any type which may arise or are in any way related to participation in said event/activity. My signature below signifies that: I am 21 years old or older; I agree to abide by all the conditions of this Facility Use Policy; and I also agree to pay to the PKCT all costs it may incur as a result of any failure to fully comply with all of these conditions.
Price: $ 125.00
Price: $ 500.00
Deposits will be returned after the event, providing no damage has occurred
$ 0.00
Assuming no damage, once your $500 security deposit is returned, the total rental cost will amount to $575 to conduct a 4 hour public performance at the Polly Klaas Community Theater ($50 additional for each hour over 4).