Facility Details

Polly Klaas Theater – Lighting and Sound System

Please contact any of the Authorized Technicians listed below to discuss your Technical needs. Pricing is between the Artist/Performer and the Authorized Technician. The Artist/Performer pays the Technician directly for their service and the Polly Klaas Community Theater is not involved in this process other than the referral. The list is in alphabetical order and does not reflect any type of preference.

  • Chris Cota – chrislitesdj@gmail.com
  • Robin DeLuca – robind14@hotmail.com
  • Steve Hagstrom – stevehagstrom01@gmail.com
  • Zach Lindenbusch – zachlindenbusch@gmail.com
  • Liam Robertson – liam.robertson@yahoo.com
  • Alfie Turnshek – LocalAlfie@gmail.com

Additionally, Liam Robertson is our Technical Coordinator, and the best person to reach out to if you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs before reaching out to one of the Authorized Technicians listed here.


Please allow up to 48 hours to hear back from any of these professionals.

Thank you.