Arts Alive Featuring Tina Rogers

Polly Klaas Community Theater 417 Western Avenue, Petaluma

Date: 2/15/24 Time: Two shows- One at 5:30PM and one at 6:30PM Tickets: No purchase necessary, it is a free event open to the public Description: As a self taught street dancer, Tina learned the value of self determination at an early age. A native of Sonoma County, Tina earned experience and acclaim in music, break dance, hip hop, and athletics during her school years. While attending UC Davis, she turned her passion for the arts, fitness and wellness into a popular example of master teaching not only to children but people of all ages. Tina is a natural teacher and role model who truly enjoys using arts education and fitness, as tools to “crack-the-code” in child development that lasts a lifetime.