Other Requirements and Restrictions

Facility Details

Insurance Requirements

Other requirements


  • All areas of the theater, and within 20 feet outside of the theater are non-smoking.
  • Nothing should be attached to the walls of the theatre.
  • No rice, rose petals, birdseed, confetti, Tiki-torches, sparklers or flame-based devices allowed.
  • All decorations must be approved in advance by Theater’s Agent.
  • Theater staff may enter the building at any time unannounced


PHOTOGRAPHY The User agrees and provides permission for any photos and video taken by Theater staff during Users events to be used in the Theatre’s promotional material.



PUBLICITY/USE OF NAME AND LOGO User shall not use the name of PKCT, or any trade name, service mark, trademarks, acronym or logo of PKCT in any publicity releases, advertising or any other publication without PKCT prior written consent. Any listing on PKCT website or emails is done at the discretion of PKCT and is agreed to in advance in writing.

NUISANCE User and guests must not create a nuisance outside of PKCT and any noise shall be maintained at a reasonable level so as not to disturb PKCT neighbors.

Users must obey the City of Petaluma’s noise ordinances.

If the PKCT Agent determines that such a nuisance has been created the event may be terminated at the sole discretion of the PKCT Agent. The PKCT retains the right to cause the interruption of or cancellation of any event in the interest of Public Safety or when such an event, in the sole judgment of the PKCT management, poses any threat of harm to the theatre’s equipment, facilities or personnel, or to any event attendees or to the general public.



User shall use and occupy the facilities in a safe and careful manner, and shall comply with all applicable municipal, state and federal laws, rules and regulations as prescribed by the fire and police departments and other governmental authorities as may be in force and effect during the rental period. The User shall not allow any sidewalk, hallway, stairway, lobby, entranceway or any other public passageway or exit to be blocked or otherwise obstructed in any manner. While in the building, the User and all participants, attendees and volunteers must comply with all ADA regulations.


PARKING Public parking is available in the City of Petaluma City Hall Parking Area, located at 11 English Street (across the street from the south side of the Theater). There is also public parking on Western and English Streets.

User agrees to observe City of Petaluma parking regulations, and maintain normal courteous parking standards.