Facility Details

Facility Details

Insurance Requirements

Other requirements

PKCT floor plan outline A2.0


The Polly Klaas Community Theater is a 100 Seat Theater which is perfect for intimate audience sizes. It is the ideal facility for performing arts, poetry readings, book readings, civic engagement, lectures, educational presentations, fundraisers, trade and special events.



The stage is 27 feet deep and 30 feet wide with a 3-foot curtain wing on the right side and a space where up to 3 people hide from audience and enter stage left. The stage has purple velvet curtains.



The A/V system is state-of-the-art and can only be used by authorized technicians. If the presenter has professional AV staff or volunteers, they may use that staff or volunteer, only after being approved by PKCT approved agent. Otherwise, please refer to the list of approved A/V technicians for your program.



The concession area includes a lobby and is near the entrance. Users can rent the concession area during public performances to sell items to their audience before the performance, during intermission or after the show.

Suggested items users may bring in for sale:

    • Beverages in Recyclable Containers
    • Beer and Wine in Recyclable Containers
      • Beer and Wine may only be offered once an ABC license, and proper insurance, is obtained
    • Packaged candy and/or chips
    • Baked Goods
    • Other items that do not need to be prepared on the premises

The concession stand is equipped with a counter, two small refrigerators, and 1 sink. There is no cash-register. Users will need to bring their own cash box and/or payment processing equipment (such as Square) Wifi is available.



Backstage is an area that can be used, if desired, by presenters, performers or private parties. There is a partition backstage which allows performers to change costumes, or presenters to change their clothes in privacy.

The backstage can also be used as a 50-seat venue for small gatherings or catered meals. Users are responsible for renting tables, chairs, plastic wear, linens and all equipment needed to host a catered meal.



The Theater is equipped to handle small parties, quinceañeras, banquets, and wedding receptions for up to 50 guests seated at tables backstage. There is no oven or stove – There are countertops with outlets, a refrigerator, 1 microwave, 1 sink with disposal, and dishwasher.

This kitchenette is for catering only. There is no dishware or utensils on sight. Users will need to provide their own, we recommend the use disposable recyclable dishware and utensils. Glassware is not permitted.

The Catering Kitchenette is bare and clean, and ready for you to bring in whatever you would like to serve. The Kitchenette, like all rooms within the theater, must be returned to its previous condition before leaving.



There are 4 bathrooms (2 ADA) on site. The bathrooms are included with any rental space fee.



Available Audio Visual Equipment

Small cart included with rental

Basic Package Included with Rental Fee

  • 2 wireless mics, speaker, connection for your laptop/smartphone on cart
  • A selection of lighting preset options   (click image to view in PDF format/print format)

Polly Klaas Lighting Box Settings43


Advanced lighting and sound
Stage lighting

Full Package

  •  Pricing depends on Technical Needs and is Negotiated with Authorized Technician to run the equipment for your performance. Authorized Technician rates generally run between $200 and $600 dollars.
  • Combination of Shure sm58 wireless mics, and sm57 and sm58 wired microphones
  • Event audio playing through our 2 Meyer house speakers.
  • 2-3 stage monitors for your event to enhance your onstage sound
  • Chamsys lighting console to create thousands of customized looks for your event, including curating lights to match any multimedia presentations in our space with our house projector.
  • Behringer x32 sound board for mixing onstage and house sound for your event, includes any multimedia presentation needed for your event.
  • If you have any questions regarding this equipment, please contact Liam Robertson Liam.Robertson@yahoo.com